Full X-Wing Play Test And Review Video

Yesterday we released the short X-Wing video (BOOM), but for those who would like to see how a full game plays (the first Titan Games Vs Jedi News battle), and hear more of the post-game thoughts from the guys, we bring you the full 20 minute play test and review video. Be sure to check out the game over at Fantasy Flight Games if you like what you see!

Enjoy and let us know what you think of the videos and the game itself.

X-Winging it

So we have an update for you on our latest project for Titan Games:

Okay so I’m allowed to tell you all what we’re doing now! Our news is that next week Titan Games will be featured on www.jedinews.co.uk…. ‘why, how, where’ I hear you cry, well here it goes….

We were approached to do a video review of the new X-Wing Game from Fantasy Flight Games by Jedinews.co.uk as they had members visit the store & loved what we were doing for the gaming community in the West Midlands. This is great because it gives us the morale boost that they believe in what we’re doing AND we get to work again with our good buddies at Azenris Pictures filming for this review show and launching our own YouTube channel!!

So with that exciting news out there & we start filming next week, what would you like us to feature in our videos??? Make your suggestions below!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/titangamesltd/posts/427005730690460

You can watch our previous video for Titan Games right here:


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A little update on things here at Azenris, we’re finally getting round to sorting things out on the site at last. We’ve added a few different video pages - Music Videos and Promos - to help categorise things a little better for you.

We’ve also got three new videos up for you to enjoy, which are a promo for Titan Games: BOOM, a new music video for SevenDaze’s “All About You” and a live video for Arrows’s “Searchlights” from their debut gig. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to visit all of those chaps on Facebook and give them some love: Titan Games SevenDaze Arrows


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